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Arspace Gallery - Modern & Contemporary Art: Drawings, Paintings, Photographies, Sculptures & Art Installations.

Arspace for modern and contemporary art. Site for artists & collectors. Our stock includes works that illustrate the creative imagination of the post war period up to our days.

In the art community of collectors and artists of international prominence, only ARSPACE, offers the sophistication and excitement needed to buy and sell fine art of the 19th, 20th and 21st century. In the best tradition of successful secondary market galleries, ARSPACE´S offerings are eclectic and rapidly changing. The great 20th century mouvements of Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, Precisionism, Social Realism and the School of Paris are actively pursued, the Contemporary mouvements and also you can find in ARSPACE an important source of Latin American art for your collection.

The gallery has a preference for major, bold statements whether paintings, drawings, sculpture or photographs. Decorative arts too, are a part of what the gallery offers. With each of these themes and Gallery exhibitions, outstanding paintings and sculpture of the period are offered as well. All works exhibited are for sale.

ARSPACE Gallery offers museum quality paintings and sculpture by the most recognized and important artists of the Modern, Contemporary and Latin American movements.

Our goal is to be the best source for fine art anywhere. We believe the most direct way to accomplish this is by establishing a lifetime of personal and professional relationships with our clients. This business philosophy allows us to look into collectors' long term needs, and removes the urgency on our part from any particular transaction. By listening carefully and sharing our knowledge and experience, ARSPACE strives to enhance the collecting experience for our clients. We feel the better educated our clients are, the more informed and intelligent their buying decisions will be. ARSPACE is confident that the interested collector will find value and quality in the artwork we offer. To serve collectors at all levels and stages, from beginners to connoisseurs, ARSPACE offers a range of quality works from low-priced lithographs to million dollar superlative masterpieces.

ARSPACE Gallery was formally established to the promotion of Modern and Contemporary art.

The gallery has become a "must" for serious collectors of Latin American, Modern and Contemporary art as well as a first stop for new collectors who wish to learn about the field from ARSPACE´S knowledgeable and friendly staff. The gallery offers guidance and advice to new collectors and big collectors too. The gallery consults for museums, auction houses and private collectors. Known for its good taste, expertise and scholarship, the gallery is also well known for its inviting atmosphere and unpretentious character.

In ARSPACE we also have strategic links and convenient deals for make you confortable with your purchase. We take in care after the sell of provide you with the best of art professional packaging, handling, shipping and insurance of your pieces worldwide via airmail or by sea. 

Please, fell free to contact us to request any artwork you may search for.


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